Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bad Breath=Bad News For Shannon

I know I've told people about my soc ta in the past, but today was an exceptionally painful encounter. I approached him after lecture to talk to him about my midterm because a friend of mine had gone from a 73 to a 90 in one short sitting. I usually don't talk to him one-on-one so I didn't really forsee this conversation as a problem. As soon as he turned in my direction and opened his mouth, I realized that I had made a big mistake. His breath smelled like something crawled back in there and died. His lips were coated with that weird white filmy stuff and made a sickening smack every time he opened them. I started pacing my breathing so that the green cloud that he excreted cleared each time before I inhaled. Occasionally he would turn and talk for a longer period of time, to which I would respond with a slight movement backward to avoid the gag-provoking stench. This is no exaggeration- I'm sure if you want to smell for yourself, he's diligently avoiding his toothbrush somewhere.

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