Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today while on the bus I heard some music. Puzzled, I looked around to find the source. Unable to locate it exactly, I resigned myself to the fact that it was either somebody's headphones turned up really loud or the bus radio (which is strange because the bus NEVER plays the radio). I thought to myself, "How cool, the bus is playing the radio today and I actually like these songs." (I think I even did that stupid little hand-bob dance for the song 'Jump Around' because it was one of the songs played). But after one particular stop something dawned on me... the sound didn't quite seem like it was coming from the bus. I checked my pocket. My phone had somehow been turned onto the music player setting the whole time. I proceeded to turn off the music player, then listened to how eerily quiet the bus was. Oops, my bad.


  1. I heard Sexy B*tch in the bus the other day cause someone’s headphones were crazy loud, I thought that was funny

  2. i like when the person listening to the song super loud on their ipod does NOT look like the type of person to listen to that song. like if it were a tiny, frail-looking white guy listening to the sexy b*tch song.