Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flippin' The Ol' Bird

Setting: Driving back from the car place in my newly fixed up car with Beck riding shotgun. We're heading back home when this old guy comes up close behind me in a jeep and starts hardcore tailgating me. I mention it to Beck (or maybe I just start talking out loud.. something like, "Oh cool. Thanks man. I love it when people tailgate me). Regardless, Beck decides it's a good idea at the next light (at which we are both turning left) to turn around and look at him while saying things like, "What, you think you're cool because you drive quickly?" No profanity of any sort.. just staring at him. She gets a little worked up sometimes. Also, keep in mind that she is 14 and he's probably in his 70s. As we're turning left, I say, "He's probably gonna speed off in the other lane." Sure enough, he goes into the other lane and starts passing us. As he does so, Beck starts cheering him on (we decided that he must be in a race of some sort and figured we'd root for him). It was at this point that he flipped my little sister off. I didn't actually see it, but Beck said he held it there for her to see. I asked her if it could've just been an accidental thing, but he even changed the angle as he drove away. Just to make sure it stayed trained on her. Further along that same road, we saw him turn into the cemetary. Perhaps he was just having a bad day, but jeez. Way to scar the little one for life.

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  1. haha well written... but if that man was over 80 years old, the rule is that he can do whatever he wants. however, i don't think i'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one