Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach Shack Baby

Today I went with my dad down to La Jolla Shores and Pacific Beach. For those of you that don't know, those are basically the coolest beach towns in San Diego... they are a tourist must-see in my opinion and are basically a big reason why SD is awesome. Anyways, driving past all the little surf shops and Mexican food restaurants was so cool to me. It would be the greatest summer in the world to rent a little place near the beach with some friends and spend the summer hitting the beach and the bars. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that, there are a million AWESOME bars in P.B. We then went to this Mexican restaurant in Old Town that apparently has been there forever. There was a great bartender named Joe who seemed so cool (and reminded me how much I wanna be a bartender), a balloon guy making swords and stuff for random kids, and pretty girls walking around passing out light-up shot glasses; however, I didn't get one :(

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