Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make a Desk, Part 2

Earlier in the year, Kyle wrote a blog on how he made a desk in his room to avoid enemy fire. Well today I witnessed someone make a desk, but I'm not quite sure what he was avoiding. As we were getting ready to take our 8 am European History final, this one guy walks into the lecture hall and goes to sit in the front row of Giedt 1002. Now in the Giedt lecture halls, there are two tables at the front of the room and they are pretty large tables. One is for the professor to lecture from, and the other is in case the professor feels the need to walk back and fourth between the two like those duck shooting games at carnivals. Anyway, after that guy sits down, he slides up his desk and must have thought to himself, "well this isn't gonna do." So he proceeds to walk over to the second table and drags it over to his seat in the front row. He then took the exam, as everyone else did, on a desk much higher than his original desk, but also on a desk that blocked him and his neighbors in their seats. Nice job dude.

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