Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Traffic Diaries Entry #2-FAIL

When I was driving back to P-town this morning, I had a great idea, but then I forgot...so, as soon as I remmeber, don't you worry, I'll post it :)

This is the real blog, right here:
I don't understand why my grades aren't posted yet. They have to get them in 3 days after the final anyway, so they might as well post them. Pretty soon I'm going to stop caring.

OH and..I started camp yesterday. I forgot how much I hate kids. Also, there's a senior at the camp who doesn't really know how to play. Who goes to basketball camp as a senior?????? Who starts playing a new sport as a senior?

The End.


  1. Is this senior like 8 feet tall?

  2. NO! she's terrible david. it's so frustrating.