Friday, June 25, 2010

Want To Hear an Oxymoron?

So, it's way too early for me to be writing this-plus I need to get ready for work. But, I'm writing this now so I can remember to do it later. Stay tuned!

WOMAN DRIVER. THAT IS AN OXYMORON!!! During my many hours of commuting to and from Davis, I have discovered the inevitable. Woman are HORRIBLE drivers. You would think that if you are driving in the fast lane and you see you are holding up a line of about 10-15 cars, you would move over and let them pass. But no. Several women in nice cars (Beamers, Mercedes, and Lexus') all insist on going 70MPH in the fast lane and allowing numerous cars to pass them.

Also, texting while driving IS dangerous! I've noticed that those drivers, both male and female, tend to slow down when they look at their phones causing those behind them to brake. They also swerve into other lanes. Dangerous. I'm just trying to get to work safely, Mr. Text While Driving.