Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Is a Common Sense Announcement

You hear these words followed by a message that gives you all of the instructions required in order to get you and all of your belongings to your destination safely. It's basically a message for all of those that do stupid things like leave your child unattended or decide to bring a firearm onto the plane. For most people, this is a time that you tune out this message and think how stupid some people are that requires them to have to play this message, however for the select few that need it, listen up because you may learn something before you do something embarrassing.


  1. waiiiit you can post pictures with your blogs!?

  2. uhh YEAH. if i would have known about this i would have been posting pictures a long time ago. i could have snapped a quick one of the fat lady in target!!!

  3. haha it probably woulda been pretty easy to see too